The Landscape Farm

Situated in the heart of Ribatejo, in the area of ​​undulating reliefs and clay-limestone soils known as “Bairro”, this property has an area of ​​16 hectares. The vegetable gardens, the traditional olive groves, the land of grain and chícharo, the fig and almond trees, the table vines and the bush oaks make the identity of our landscape, managed according to old and adequate standards of biophysical aptitude.

Sustainable agriculture is practiced here, 100% certified "bio", with the highest environmental and social care.

The tradition of the correct occupation of the landscape is associated with the best regenerative techniques. We prepare for climate change by watering the least, making the most of rainwater, exploring what can be done in dry areas, using our working equine manure, mulching the soil, innovating in respect for good ancestral practices. .

An agro-scientific tourism project is still ongoing, linked to the training and internships in these areas of “landscape agriculture”, in an innovative model that will continue to affirm Ribatejo as a quality destination in the areas of agriculture, gastronomy and of the environment.

Role: Brand Identity / Packaging
Client: ecostatus
Date: Fev 2019